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Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique used to create the appearance of hair. No tattoo machine is used in this process. Single use, sterile "blades" (not really a blade but a row of tiny needles) are used to deposit pigment into the very top layer of skin, essentially the depth of a paper cut. Cutting only into the epidermis (top layer of skin) is how we are able to create fine, crisp looking hair strokes. Reducing exfoliation and harsh skin care products in the area can prolong the life of you microblading, but the epidermis also naturally sloughs off over time - making it semi permanent. Results can vary person to person, as everyone's skin is different. On average, microblading is touched up 1-2 times per year if properly cared for, but can last longer.



Manual Shading, aka Powderfill is also a manual technique, using a slightly different blade and motion to create light shading for a natural look, or a more filled in makeup appearance depending on your personal preference. Powderfill goes slightly deeper that microblading, so can last a little longer than microblading alone. Specifics on your preferred look are discussed in detail during consultation right before appointment to ensure we create the exact look you want. Having photos of eyebrows you like can help give an idea of what you want.