Does it hurt?

The # 1 question people ask me is if microblading hurts. I use 2 different numbing creams during the process which help quite a bit, but everyone is different. Some say they can't feel it at all, others say they can still feelit. It depends on your receptiveness to the numbing cream and your pain tolerance if you aren't very receptive to the numbing agents.

Is this normal?

Clients often ask if the darkening of brows a few days after procedure, and lightness of brows after all scabs are off is normal. The answer is YES. This is described in the healing section of this website, and we talk about it in detail at appointment. 

Can my kids wait during my procedure?

State law requires a sterile, secure environment for procedures to take place. So unfortunately children that need to be looked after are not allowed during the procedure. The appointment takes a couple hours so we need to be free of distractions. If you have a teenager who is able to stay on their own in the waiting room and won't get too bored waiting for such a length of time, please email and discuss this with me in advance.