A few important things to know about healing:

  • Absolutely no sun exposure to brow area while healing, as you cannot put sunscreen on them until all scabs have flaked off.

  • No exposure to water in brow area until scabs are off.

  • No steam rooms or saunas until all scabs are off.

  • Refrain from working out and sweating excessively for at least 10 days.

  • Sleep on back so scabs do not get rubbed off by side sleeping.


  • Once all scabs have flaked off naturally, you may return to a normal routine, but avoid exfoliation and hard products in brow area.

The healing process, on average, lasts 2-3 weeks, but varies person to person as everyone's skin is different.

Immediately after procedure, once numbing cream has worn off, brows will have a feeling similar to a sunburn. 

Brows will get increasingly dark over the next several days, and pigment will start to lift off edges and become tight and itchy. It is incredibly important NOT TO PICK as it will pull pigment out with the scab. Once all scabs are off, brows go through a light phase where they appear very light and in some cases with lighter pigment (such as blonde) may appear invisisble. This is normal, and pigment will darken back up over the next couple weeks. Pigment will be lighter than the first day of procedure, but darker than the light phase. Seeing how much each individual fades after first appointment is important, so we can determine if we need to go darker to acheive desired HEALED results.


The Emotions Of The Healing Process