*NEW COVID-19 Policies


Here at Bladed Brows, we have always used medical grade sterilization equipment. Following the Corona Virus outbreak, we are implementing some additional precautions to keep all our clients safe and at ease.


In order to keep a safe physical distance between our guests, we are asking everyone to text when you arrive (317-807-6733), wait in your car until we have our areas thoroughly sanitized and give the OK to come in to a freshly cleaned space. For the foreseeable future, we are not allowing additional people to enter and wait in the salon with our clients. 


We will be cleaning all door handles and other potentially touched areas between every client. My clients, and the other microblading artist’s clients will be using separate doors to enter the building. You all be entering the front door next to the white "BLADED BROWS" sign, and then the entrance to the salon, which is immediately on the right.


All clients will be asked to provide and wear a mask (if you have one - a bandanna or scarf can work) during the visit, and wash hands or use hand sanitizer upon arrival. 


We are also asking anyone who has had symptoms of fever, sore throat, loss of taste/smell, aches/pains, or had contact with any person who has been sick within 14 days; to hold off on scheduling for at least 14 days after contact, with no symptoms after that contact. 


If you have symptoms or have had contact with a person suspected of having the Corona Virus, please reschedule your appointment by clicking "reschedule" in your original confirmation email.